I have no idea when Aire & Calder is out. Matt posted this to the Floodlit World guestbook recently, however.
Name: Matt Jones
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-09-06 16:47:12
Comments: As everybody has probably worked out, weirdness abounds in our
world currently. Can't say more than that. Just stay cool, everything
happens for a reason. Love to all...Matt.

The band-approved Ultrasound fanzine, Detached Swirl, is up to issue 2, which is out now. Here's some blurb from co-editor Becky Hollows
Issue 2 of Detached Swirl is OUT NOW.
Features include EXCLUSIVE input from the band which you won't see anywhere
else, previously unprinted articles, new photographs and Ultrasound's very
own wordsearch.
Enter our quiz to win a SHIT-TASTIC prize - all you have to do is answer the
questions, send your answers to us, and the person who gets the most correct
question wins!!!
For only 50p, what Ultrasound fan can resist this fantastic publication as
recommended by Tiny himself??!!
Email me for details of how to get your copy.
Best wishes

They're going in to the studio to record tracks for the second album, due sometime next spring. Their only UK festival appearance this year was at Glastonbury, where they previewed Aire & Calder b-sides Goodbye 25 and Valencia. See below for more details.

Ultrasound at Glastonbury
New songs, no less!

Suckle is available from Nude
Totally free
Love guaranteed

(from i-music bulletin board)
The US record label Absolute A Go Go has released a CD EP from Ultrasound with
Stay Young
Best Wishes
Kurt Russell
Underwater Love Story
Can't Say No
for $7.25

TINY showed everyone his (belly) as part of the Red Or Dead display at the London Fashion Week,on Sunday 21st February following in the pop-star model footsteps of Patrick Duff. And he made the front cover of Monday's Independent! (22nd February.) A picture should appear very soon. And apparently Matt and Andy streaked the catwalk as well... eeek! The rest of the band were apparently present, but no one noticed them as they kept their clothing on. Boring. The band also appear naked and painted sparkly blue in the video for the single (Floodlit World). So that's why they signed to nude records.

Here's how ultrasound did in those all-important end of year polls...

Best New Band: no 4.
Best Single: no 14. 'Stay Young'
The Pop Personality You Would Most Like To Cook You A Meal: no 1. Tiny Wood  ('Sizable portions!')
The Pop Personality You Would Most Like To Be Trapped On A Desert Island With: no 9. Tiny
The Pop Personalities You Would Like To See On A Blind Date: no. 5 Tiny + Kylie