Links for Ultrasound? Your wish is my command. Sort of.

Black Hole A rather wondrous new Ultrasound site, with lots of articles and things.

Chemical Nation This site has an interview with Vanessa, who mentions her evil plot with Travis to kidnap Daniel Booth, as well as talking about the album and other stuff too. Well worth a look.

Dancing Penguin This site has an interview with Richard and Vanessa, plus lots of other 'Soundy stuff. Which is nice. Have a look under 'U' for some information about Ultrasound's early days.

Everything Picture An Ultrasound site with an alternative slant. And a nice layout. Go there.

iMUSIC showcase Here's an Ultrasound showcase on iMUSIC... take a look. Also the home of the imusic bulletin board for Ultrasound.

Indie Schmindie Dreadfully named, but throbbing with information on not just Ultrasound but other, less important bands.

LTRSND Perhaps the prettiest Ultrasound site online....

Nude Records Ultrasound's record company.

The Knowledge This site has a small section about ultrasound. 

Ultrasound Online A rather sparse recently founded site. Should hopefully be updated soon.