this worthless self pity merely serves to exploit personal demons (which do not exist) i am the very projection of a well adjusted conformist i never do anything away from the norm 'my life is a series of compromises' i am of the Zoo and i do not realise i kid myself into the way i am 'special' i have destiny i was born to be X i will live on in peoples minds minds fade with the final disjointed yes i am no i am not yes i am no i am yes 'someone will always say yes' stream of consciousness is dammed we spend more time asleep than we do awake our time is wasted every day we are slaves to our physical requirements we are animals on broken typewriters our social relations are merely wastes 'beyond the light wait failure and remorse' i will die will die die soon relativism is the beginning of the end we are smaller than insects yet we must conform living in a world of grey which is so tiny and pathetic we mean nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing no thing is worthwhile but we continue because what else is there to do? breathing is conformity the things we 'have' and have not to do suicide is honourable suicide is sin all beliefs are transitory and futile what is it worth? why? does it matter? yet we have targets why? eat sleep fuck? die still born so much death such a waste such a waste such a waste pity pity? empty and worthless futile futile senseless we are living in heaven and hell which are gone 'virtue is social' 'solitude solitude' people expect you to be what you are not not known by anyone futile futile 'a road movie where nobody dies' no body=nothing desire passes over time knowledge=power=oblivion reflections of broken mirrors kept between two shiny slabs of glass the only way you can see your back desire is a remnant of our bestial heritage a lump of flesh here and suddenly animal lust yes this is natural but nature is cruel 'people getting born and dieing' cruelty is relative love is relative we live by our morality salute the murderers they are beyond kill the fuckers end end end close your eyes momentary step towards tomorrow calender is a mutual acceptance mankind is a disease why mankind is an animal mankind is glorious mankind is sexist pointless and selfish value is worthless no one cares no one thinks no one can see everything the intelligent know their limitations egotistic egotistic egotistic pain is memorable? not our concession to intelligence yet we are worthwhile we can create through destruction books music conversation waste of oxygen as you read this people are dieing but more are being born you have just eaten/woken up/slept/fucked/fallen/rose/pissed/insanity beckons 'i'm giving my life to you it's all that's left to do' end