An Article From Backbeat
Issue 7 (October - November '97)

Duchess October 15

STRANGELOVE - A very Brettish Coup

The past 6 years has practically ignored STRANGELOVE with near criminal intent, but '97 will be different. An outstanding and surprisingly glam new self-titled album, a show of respect from Suede (Brett and Richard guesting on backing vocals) and Radiohead's Thom Yorke admitting to "have ripped them off for years" explains Strangelove's undeniable deja vu, as well as setting then in good stead in a musical climate currently enjoying more meaningful material, due to bands like Radiohead and The Verve.

Live, Strangelove are more accessible than previously; their waste-laying thunderstorms of '93 giving way to shows of good-humoured inclusion and highly charged energy, while still remaining loyal to the dark labyrinths of naked emotion and vitriolic rumination that have become their trademark.

A live set undoubtedly including the live classic "Time For The Rest Of Your Life" and material from the highly emotive "Love And Other Demons" album offers a set list ranging from 10 minute epics like "Sea Of Black" to addictive 3 minute pop singles; a vicious drive of electric ("Living With The Human Machines") and tender acoustic songs. It does indeed promise to be "The Greatest Show On Earth".