Phoenix Festival Interview (1996) from Retroactive Baggage

How do you think it went today?
Patrick- I thought it was terrible, 'coz I couldn't hear what I was doing on stage, but everyone else loved it, so my mind was changed in the dressing room by everyone else saying how good they thought it was.

You did a new song today that you'd just written about two weeks ago.
Patrick- Which one was that?

Wellington Street.
Patrick- Yes, that's right-yeah!

How do you think that one was received?
Patrick- It's very difficult to tell actually. I think I heard some clapping so some people must have liked it.

You've just had the new album out, so what are you going to be doing next? Are you going to be touring round?
Patrick- Yeah-we'll probably be shovelled into the back of a van and made to go round and play our songs, which is good fun anyway.

And finally-coz I know you want to run off-can you make a good cup of tea?
Patrick- Yes I can, yeah-a very good cup of tea.

And how do you have your tea?
Patrick- I have it white with no sugar.