Best Wishes

Appears on:
Best Wishes CD/10"
Everything Picture (acoustic)

clip|tab|review|words/music: ultrasound|produced by martin brass

Now the weather does not snow 
And now the days begin to grow
In image of your favourite ?chew?
She could be there too
Blind to day, as black as treacle
Gave her life to something evil
Light a candle and be simple
She could be there too

And in your car you go far too fast
'Cause on your feet you feel you can't go on
So think of me when you go to ?comb?
And we'll just sit and think that you should still go

And in your car you go far too fast (in your car you go)
'Cause on your feet you feel that you can't go on
Can't go on

As you lie beneath the air in photographs
You could be there
We won't pretend you're neverending
You could be here too

(Distant choirs of angels sing chorus)

Was, at one point, Mark Goodier's Single Of The Week. The version on Everything Picture appears in the 36th minute of the title track. It was recorded at six in the morning. Tiny apologises for the vocal. Has apparently been played live, but doesn't really work, according to Tiny.