Ok. Positive Shrew has become Coterie. Remember that name.

Why the name change, I hear you howl?

Isn't it obvious?

Our mission statement remains the same.
Whatever it was in the first place.
We are still blank.

We are still lazy.

We still have hideous gaps between each rehearsal.

But (and this is a big but)

Like a phoenix from the flames of mediocrity, who flies out into a thunderstorm, we have been REBORN at a whole new level of mediocrity. We have reached such a state of flux that J Guitarist 2 refuses to do anything other than make a lot of NOISE which has been known to cause internal bleeding

It may not surprise you to hear that he sees this as a job well done
even when it's his blood. He has two songs to his name, and his big IDEA requires so many instruments it's not feasible, as well as a baritone vocalist, or Elizabeth from the Cocteau Twins at a pinch. We wouldn't hurt her, honestly.

This idea consists of walls of white noise... DRONE ROCK IS KING in j guitarist 2's pathetic little world. The sound of a guitar that is physically felt as well as heard.... Now imagine it with Keyboards, of an equal volume, and a gently plucked acoustic guitar, whilst someone with a "cool" voice rants lengthy spokenword diatribes...in the style of the Styrenes or Tindersticks' more avantGARDE

he fears that he doesn't have the talent to pull it off. He is probably right.