Everything Picture

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Everything Picture

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All night...
But, oh, what else can I do?
When there's nothing I can do
To get a hold of you...

When your back breaks and you fall
And you can't quite kick the ball
The spotlight's always on you..

When your gearbox slips a disc
And the wheels won't grip the grist
They come up fast behind you.

The only way you can survive
Is to go and take a dive
The referee will save your life
The frantic sponges that wash your face
All I want is some space.

But my lips are too sore
(lips are too sore)
To even talk.

the lonely...
want to...
know me...

But no.
Nothing fills the hole.
'Cos nothing fills a hole.
Give the dog a bone

When you want to get it back,
but you just don't have the knack.
The only strategy is action.

When your shadow hits the fan,
Let the muscles in your hand

There is no way I can survive
I went and took a dive
The referee won't save my life
The frantic sponges to wash your face
All I wanted was space.

But my head is too sore
(head is too sore)
To begin to think.....

Snatches of all the songs on the album appear at about the 15 minute mark, all heavily distorted.
The song is actually only (!) 21 minutes long, but a secret piano version of Best Wishes (minus chorus) appears at about the 36 minutes mark, which was apparently recorded at 6 in the morning. Tiny apologises for the vocals, but I think we can forgive him. About the album: The sleeve was created by the band sloshing paint all over a very big canvas, as can be seen from the gatefold cover photographs.