Extract From A Journal:

Nov 17th 1997

Appears on:
Another Night In CD2

On the morning I awoke and the whole world changed, light was 
streaming throught my window, and it had filled up the room like an 
electric storm. It danced through strange hieroglyphic formations; it 
seemed to tell of a great meaning - so close, and yet just out of 
reach. And my mind raced, and I told my mind to be still. And I
noticed a rainbow flickered and shined against the wall above my bed,
where many nights I had lay awake, afraid and restless. And outside 
the sky was the palest blue I had ever seen, and trees waved throught 
the windows - their arms once so huge and cumbersome, suddenly
breathed with animation and impulse. The newest hint of clouds were
barely impressed upon the skyline, like the ghost of children's
paintings, and crows circled laughing and swirling - spiralling
downwards like they had always done, and yet had never.

And the sense that everything was as it should have been filled the
room, and was mixed in nature with a light. When I looked again out
of my new eyes, I saw that man was frightened, and that his cars and
buildings, and his roads and shops and alarms were all frightened. 
And the light that had filled my room filled me, and I knew I would
not be afraid again. 
My life fell away from me like an old skin, and then turned into
smoke and drifted into nothing. And I heard the distant screams of my
rage growing quieter and quieter, until I could no longer hear them,
and I knew that they had gone to live in the world of men, where they 
would be welcomed but not understood. 
I sat again down upon my bed and an angel was revealed to me, more 
beautiful than any man I had ever seen. And he took shape using the
true properties of light, and his expression was one of a passion 
that only the truly disembodied can experience. And he read from a
small book these curious words: "The mystery of transfiguration is 
the key to the meaning of all". And ghostly shapes circled through
the shape of a crescent moon, and Winchester cathedral spire cracked,
and fire filled the room, and I closed my eyes. And there was a 
silence around that stretched for a million miles in all directions,
and out of the silence came words of love, and then the love returned 
to the silence, and the love WAS the silence, and the silence was the
love. And I knew that there need never be fear of silence, and the 
silence filled me up like the Milky Way.
And I opened my eyes and I was all at once outside with my new 
friend, and we walked along a beach together, where yew trees grew in 
a line that stretched across the sands as far as anyone could see. 
And I was free. And when my friend showed me my life, and all of its 
suffering, I could see that I had not been alone as I had always 
thought, and that I should never been alone again. And time folded up 
like a carpet and was gone.
I laughed, and felt glad of my loneliness, which I had always so 
feared. And I gave thanks for the wound that is, and always has been, 
my very essence and nature. The same wound that I had thought of as a 
curse, that had eaten away at me and gnawed me like barbed wire and 
maggots; I now gave thanks for it. For I saw that my loneliness, 
and its wound, were gifts that had brought me this far, and without 
them I would have been like a blind man - like so many others, lost.
And a million stars sung in the sky for me, and I felt the impression 
of my own wings, that I had longed for as a child, but had forgotten. 
Music of the most gentle kind was mine forever. 
When I turned my friend had gone, and I had returned to my room. 
Tears of joy sprung into my eyes, and I let them flow, and a river 
came, and the river went out to sea.