Fading Light

Fading Light is a fanzine created by George Bean. Why, I hear you say, do I mention it on this site? Well, Issue 5 of Fading Light was a Strangelove October 1997 tour special. And George is a big fan of the 'love, and in the words of Petra Lohner, one of the multitude of visitors to this site, "There are some excellent photos of Patrick (George is a great photographer) and his reviews are so passionate, you can feel his immense love for that band in every single line he writes! " Endorsed by Patrick Duff himself, apparently ("Fucking excellent!"), it costs around three English pounds, and can be got from
George Bean
141 Narborough Rd
It really is good. And apparently the next issue is a tribute to strangelove. Which is great. It's not out yet though. For more info, e-mail Petra and she'll forward to George.