Ultrasound at the Festivals 1999


photo courtesy of rufus curnow (matt's bare chin not visible)

Ultrasound apparently 'rocked' at Glastonbury. They played the New Tent on the 26th.  However, numerous differences were visible. Firstly being that MATT HAS SHAVED OFF HIS BEARD!
Secondly that they played a new setlist (probably not in order)

Floodlit World
Aire And Calder
Stay Young
Everything Picture

25 is apparently 'a bit like Fame Thing' and Valencia 'sounds like Happy Times and has lots of Vanessa singing on it.' I'm going to guess that these will likely be the Aire And Calder b-sides. Other events of interest were that Tiny was dressed as a woman and that Andy dropped his trousers at the end.

Thanks to Becky and Rufus for this information.