Free Stuff

Yes, you heard me right. FREE STUFF! Yeah! Fantastic!

And here it is....

It's the pointlessselfindulgence mascot! Yeah! Fantastic! Save it, print it out and stick it on a t-shirt. Or not.
SERVING : Save it, print it out, fill it in, stick it on a t-shirt and walk around your local prison with it on. The homicidal maniacs within will surely welcome any suggestions you might have. (NOTE-POINTLESSSELFINDULGENCE ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR DEATH OR WORSE OCCURANCES OWING TO THE USE OF THIS PICTURE. After all, it's only a suggestion)
Possible choices:
Boy bands
Spice Girls
famous media celebrities
posey bastards

Pretty soon everyone will be wearing one, you know. So beat the rush.

And here is a fantastic 'floodlit world' picture... Knocked up in a matter of minutes.. might make a good backdrop. Well, maybe that's a tad optimistic.
Now that's what I call pointless and self indulgent. And rather shite, too.