This is Lardcore

from Melody Maker June 27th 1998 (pre glastonbury festival guide) by Carl Loben

You've got your ticket and your tent, but what about food? We Ask Ultrasound for some dietary advice and hear about their favourite cocktails.
The magnificent Ultrasound are picnicking in a meadow not unlike the garden on "The Magic Roundabout". The sky is an off pink, the star-shaped flowers blue, and the clouds yer actual cotton wool. As the Mr Rusty train chuffs past in the distance, The Maker - disguised as Zebedee - boiiings on down. Well, this would be the view through giant Ultrasound singer Tiny's eye make-up were he on acid. Which he quite often is. We're actually at some grotty wasteland near Wandsworth. And why? Well, Ultrasound are playing Glastonbury, Reading and T In The Park this year, so they're busy deciding what substances they'll be ramming down their gullets at this year's festivals. Food and drink, as Jilly Goulden might say, are wholly essential items for Ultrasound.
At festivals, the food often leaves a lot to be desired. For every organic veggie caff there's 10 greasy hamburger stands. So, have Ultrasound ever taken their own? "I'm usually horribly organised. I'm mum," admits bassist Vanessa Best, the Florence outta "The Magic Roundabout" of this hyper-surreal gathering. "I take Ryvitas and tinned fruit and stuff and, if it all goes off, a quality loaf of bread saves your life."
"I only eat one meal a day and at festivals I don't really bother," declares Tiny, who, bizarrely, is part-Dougal and part-Ermintrude. "A chunk of cheese and a jar of Nutella usually does me."
"I eat junk food all day, every day and I've never beaten that 10-stone mark!" puts in twiggy keyboard-player Matt Jones (Dylan, a stoner), proving that you aren't only what you eat.
"Festival food's nice, I like veggie burgers," grins drummer Andy Peace