True inspiration is hard to come by in these derivative times. To create something properly original, new instruments need to be considered... the trusty electric guitar, capable of so much beauty and yet equally so many crimes against music, would have to be discarded... perhaps the use of teatowels and electric fans could provide an interesting sound. A boiling kettle could accurately simulate the entire early output of The Jesus And Mary Chain... and provide a cup of tea at the end, something which I doubt the brothers Reid would be capable of. A detuned radio's squeals of agony could be utilized, but again, has been used before by Radiohead. It is a case that energy is never lost, and the same goes for musical influences. Perhaps an experiment could be carried out by seeing what a deaf person would do with musical instruments. Alas the corruption by music is inavoidable... it is everywhere... in the rain, in the sound of footsteps. Music is actually one of the few things that elevates we humans above our fellow creatures.. it is by its own nature abstract, or practically. Sadly the derivatism continues... day after day we see the same sounding bands appear... something the music press applaud by their ceaseless pigeonholing...Britpop? Bratpop? Shitpop? One wonders what the likes of Straw and Feeder, Headswim et al considered at their beginnings what their sound would be like? Technically talented, certainly, but somewhat unoriginal. The Manics, the very bastion of softrock torture these days, made a calculated decision to sound like they do at their beginning to get to the widest audience.. and lo, there were millions of Manic Street Preachers fans. Unfortunately, the corruption of fame... and with the loss of the visionary Richard Edwards they bent their music to supply the mainstream audience... one wonders now if they can write anything but 'rock'... perhaps we will see the Manic's version of Trans yet. But it is doubtful. One must applaud the likes of Nought and Rothko for their attempts to produce a different sound, but unfortunately, creating music is like a melting pot of different styles... a dash of Pink Floyd, a little Sex Pistols and we have Mansun... who are to be respected for their attempts to break away from the traditional conventions of guitar rock, but feel somewhat pretentious and contrived. One cannot help wondering if music moves in a circle... perhaps in 2010 we will see the rebirth of Madchester.. hopefully not though. Perhaps silence is the most enlightening music of all. Although silence rarely exists, it is just we are inadequately equipped to hear everything. Await my concerto of dog whistles in A minor forthwith. Something which would have to be discarded also would be the restraining conventions of musical notes... detune your guitar in the style of Six By Seven or Thurston Moore, and expect some changes.... sadly the options for the humble guitar are limited. Serenade yourself to the sound of buzzing lightbulbs, and remember that you could be the spark that provides true originality.