Here are some tunes that are massive in pointlesSselfindulgence towers. Enjoy, bunnies.
STRANGELOVE-Love And Other Demons (LP)
Well, surprise surprise. One of the best albums ever, quite possibly... but that's my opinion. I love it. Others may not.
"This is a message to the sky! This is a message to the sky!"

MAGOO-[close. continental. DNA.] (LP)
Magoo. You gotta love them, really. Poppy lo-fi from some local boys. A collection of rarities and early singles. 20 tracks, and most of them pretty amazing. Honestly.

MOGWAI-No education=no future (Fuck the Curfew) (single)
Great. Some fantastic, if slightly formulaic p*st r*ck from the fluffy Glaswegian noise-merchants.
HOFMAN-Caesar (single)
Some punky pop-rockness from this rather grate band. One of the most amusing choruses ever. (WE ARE THE ARTISTES!) Shame about the b-side though.

PLASTIC HIP-take another tranquillizer george (single)
Some more lofi, this time sounding like Captain Beefheart meets Magoo. Quite fabulous.
THE BETA BAND- Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos (single)
Some tranquil acoustic thrills from the media darlings. Darn fine.

Yeah, alright. But this is remarkably good.... it's segued together, which we at PSI towers adore, and the guitars are astounding at some points... and they don't sound (much) like Tears for Fears either now. Which can only be a good thing. Anyway, it's got Tom Baker talking on it, and it's got the line... "I'm emotionally raped by jesus." It's a damn sight better than Attack... Points lost for including the mediocre Legacy, though.
MARION- The Program
Dunno how long this has been out, but it's bloody good stuff.... a couple of duds...but most of them are great... particularily the yearning Comeback and the impatient What Are We Waiting For?
BOB MOULD- Classifieds/Moving Trucks (single)
Powerpop from ex-Husker Du and Sugar blokey... and well done it is... both tracks on this double a-side are pretty great, actually....
Did you enjoy that? Any comments to me. And i'll swear if you criticise me. So there. Nerrrrr.