Sentimental Song

Appears on:
Everything Picture

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From dawn to dusk
When the day has torn its craters from your
And the needle's cut a groove to which it can't adjust
In spite of us

And fire burns like ice now
If it's cold enough
Silver shines like gold until it's
That it's not

We tried in vain awash with fake abandon
Romantic as a glitterball
Of all the fantasies affected
Just came and went and left me cold

Sentimental songs
We all sing along

Sawn to dust
Now friendship serves a purpose
Like a tablecloth
That's frayed around the edges but it's
Good enough
To the uninvited few

And all the starings of love surrender
Were wasted on me long ago

Of all the fallacies created
After all there's only one

Sentimental song
And we all sing along
We all sing along
We all sing along

(La la la...)

Went through a stage of being called Dawn To Dusk prior to the album release. Apparently when Tiny sings it he feels like a cabaret singer from the 1930's... just like in the I'll Show You Mine video. Was called "Ukrainian folk" by the NME, rather oddly.