This is really all you could ask for from a band site. It's got lots of strangelove related things, like a discussion board, and a huge photos section. Lyrics, articles.... it's undoubtably the best strangelove site online. So what are you waiting for? It's a damn sight better than this. So get to it. Now. Electroskies also is home of the strangelove mailing list. To subscribe, send an e-mail to with SUBSCRIBE in the subject or body of the e-mail.

Strangelove US

And this is another good site. Guitar tabs, articles, all sorts of stuff. But it hasn't been updated for a while, by the looks of it. Still, worth perusal.

Strangelove UK

Another good site, though a bit out of date. Tablature, discography. Yeah, worth a look. Nicely designed.

So Strange

The newest strangelove/patrick duff site online.. and it's pretty good... so go and have a look.

The Exclusive

A fanzine featuring an interview with Julian.... go and have a look...please.