Nothing came under
The rays remained in the sun that day
And life isn't full of surprises
You think you could steal in
Pop over the wall in the middle of the night....
Climb out of those heavy boots and clothes
And into that
cool blue

You're not even dipping your toe

I find this bed too big now
It's like those people you see on the way to work
Stuck in an


queue of traffic

Each one in their own individual car

Halfofthemcomingfromthesameplacegoingtothesameplacegoing nowhere.
They could quarter
the amount of cars by
Go on the bus, wipe out all the cars

I should rid myself of this bed,
get myself a
cardboard box

No waste of space

No force of empty wasted space for your body to create its dent in
You're back, how are you?
What are you up to? Getting on okay?
fuck off.............. Excerpt from "Untitled"
by the tindersticks