Although you are already obviously possessed of truly excellent taste (but rather dubious life excitement ratio) by visiting this site, I really would like to get to know you better. So fill out the survey. A click on the button at the bottom will send it winging towards me. And I promise I won't do anything with the info. Unless something funny occurs to me.
The questions are....

What is your favourite bit of my scintillatingly fantastic site?

Strangelove Bits
Ultrasound Bits (Floodlit World)
The shite philosophy
The bit at the start
The sparkling wit.
The free money given out to people who say nice things
Filling out the guestbook
What site? Where am I?

Should B*Witched ... um... have a tragic accident involving a jar of vaseline, an inflatable sheep and a copy of Women's Weekly?

Yes... but just explain the Woman's Weekly bit, please...
No. I love them. With their pathetic optimism, cut off jeans and FAKE RIVERDANCE!!!!! *giggle* *twitch* *twitch*

So what's your favourite Strangelove or Ultrasound song then?

Cool blue or angry pink?
I'm colourblind. Sorry.

Did you laugh at all? (shyeah, right..)

Do you think this site serves any purpose? Whatsoever?
Yeah, sure.
No. It's Satan's own excrement, in fact
Sorry, I'm still confused. Where am I?

What was the most bad awful dreadful nasty bit of this site? Just out of interest.

Should Strangelove still be together?
You mean they've SPLIT? Oh my god..

Give me your name. Please. Not that I don't already know it... and where you live... and where your children play... You don't have to though.

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