Yeah, okay. Not very impressive, i know. But there will be more... 


New Musical Express June 6th: Pomp Up The Volume

Ultrasound's first cover story... wooo. One of many no doubt. Learn things you never knew about Tiny and the rest.

Melody Maker June 27th: This Is Lardcore

Ultrasound talk about food and drink, and discuss their 'Fantasy Festival Cocktails', Oh, and Andy is compared to Brian The Snail. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

New Musical Express August 22nd: ON The Couch-Tiny Wood

Delve into Tiny's psyche... well, not quite.... have a look anyway.


London ULU 26/09/98

Reviews of this typically wonderful gig from both NME (soon) and MM... who says I don't spoil you?...oh... that many?

Maidstone Union Bar

Rather good review from past times...

Ultrasound at the festivals

Last year's festival reviews... They're at V99 and Glastonbury this year though...


Best Wishes review NME

A slightly demeaning review of Best Wishes. Philistines.

Stay Young review NME

A very favourable review of Stay Young. Indeedy.

I'll Show You Mine review NME

A good review of I'll Show You Mine. Which is fair enough.

Floodlit World review Melody Maker

A nadir of prose, but an apex of respect.


Everything Picture: NME

A one listen before going out to the pub job.

Everything Picture: Q

A good review... from Q. Not that that's exactly a rarity.



An Ultrasound fan talks about why Ultrasound mean so much to her. Sentiments we can all relate to. Well worth a read.