We Will Find Love

Appears on:
Floodlit World CD2 (Demo version)

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We will find love
In hearts locked in darkness
We will find love
In the fields all full of grain
We will find love
And we'll hide it away
Oh yes - in the waves that keep dragging us under
Oh no - don't let it go

We will find love
In time you will remember
We will find love
Relative to nothing else
How I've missed you
Like the warmth of my own blood
In the veins and the vacuums that hold us
Oh no - don't let me go

We will find love
In spite of the neighbours
We will find love
Between cigarettes and cups of tea
And what was special will be treasured once more
Although this may not be the answer

Don't let it go.

Another Vanessa sung one. Whether this is an out take from the Everything Picture sessions or a song that we'll see a proper version of soon remains to be seen.