This section, rather predictably i know, is dedicated to those people who made this part of pointlessselfindulgence possible, or at least plausible. It's All Because Of You. The largest degree of gratitude goes, naturally, to strangelove themselves. Without whom, this site wouldn't exist, fairly obviously. I also owe them gratitude for opening my eyes to just how good music can be. Cheers lads. The next degree of gratitude goes to Sarah Grave for providing me with, well, a lot of info. And a lovely demo tape. I am also indebted to her and Darijo for creating electroskies without which this site would be pretty sparse, to say the least. Much gratitude also to Petra Lohner for all those lovely live tapes and the copy of Fading Light... and the video... and all the rest... Also thanks to Zoe Ash for her help, Anita, and ~Naz for their discographical help. Very kind, and useful too. Also thanks to Pollyanna Rhee, who would no doubt be surprised to hear that her site was a help too. The articles and stuff at least. An interesting if expensive read. . Cheers. Also thanks to George Bean, for being one of the most dedicated strangelove fans i know. And for the free copy of Fading Light. Thanks to Dave Bartlett for, well, the video info. I'll order it soon. Honest. Also, many thanks to all the visitors to this site. Oops... did I use a plural there? Sorry. You make it worthwhile. *sob* Um, who else.... no, i think that's it. I love the lot of you. Really. Yeah, that is a bit scary. But i do.